Arrest and Processing

Info Points on Field Sobriety Tests

1. Are the field sobriety tests always reliable? In many DWI cases the field sobriety tests are simply not reliable. The two major proofs that the prosecutor relies on in a DWI case are the breath results, and the defendant’s performance on the field sobriety tests. The field sobriety tests are recorded on a drinking […]

The Impounding of Your Vehicle

When a DWI driver is arrested, then his vehicle must also be impounded. This law is called “John’s Law.” More specifically, whenever a person has been arrested for a violation of DWI, or for refusal, then the police must impound the vehicle for at least twelve hours. The DWI driver must pay a reasonable fee […]

Field Test Realities

What are the realities of performing Field Sobriety Tests? The reality is that you will be asked to perform several field sobriety tests in less then ideal conditions when you are extremely nervous about being arrested. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has admitted that “Slight variations from the ideal, i.e., the inability to find […]

Field Sobriety Tests

What Are Field Sobriety Tests? Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) are psycho-physical tests used to assess a person’s physical and/or mental impairment. These tests focus on the abilities needed for safe driving. Most of the more reliable psycho-physical tests are known as “divided attention” tasks. They require a person to concentrate on more then one task […]

DWI Arrest Process

The best way to avoid a DWI arrest is to never drink and drive. However, if it is too late for this advice, and if you have been pulled over by a police officer, here is the process the officer will go through to determine whether to arrest you for a DWI. STAGE ONE: Observing […]