Additional Resources for DWI and Other Serious Cases

Expunging a DWI Conviction

In New Jersey you do not have to expunge a DWI conviction. In the majority of the states, DWI is a criminal charge, and if you are convicted then you will have a criminal conviction. However, in New Jersey a DWI is only considered to be a motor vehicle charge. In fact, the NJ expungement statute specifically excludes the expunging motor vehicle violations. There is a “ying and a yang” to this information. In New Jersey it is tremendously hard to beat a DWI because you don’t have a legal right to a jury. Your odds of beating a DWI without a jury are small. However, in most other states you do have the legal right to have a jury in a DWI case. However, if you lose then you will have a criminal record. Good luck getting a job with a criminal record these days.